KLEEMANN is your world partner for all types of passenger and freight lifts, with rated loads up to 20 tons and speeds up to 4m/sec.

From major-scale public ventures with high-specification objectives and short turnarounds, to cost-effective, compact and hard-wearing business solutions or affordable private residence projects, we will work with you to develop the ideal product.

We are a lift company offering complete traction and hydraulic lift systems, both with and without machine room, from initial concept through development to final production.


KLEEMANN residential lifts are the hassle-free answer to your passenger mobility needs

Commercial & Public

Commercial and public lifts require quality, reliability, safety and speed of service


KLEEMANN industrial lifts are designed to enhance the functionality of all types of industrial establishments, and our wealth of technical know-how ensures high technological performance


Offering unique design solutions and fully customisable, hotel lifts are the perfect choice for the vertical transportation of both passengers and goods

Home Solutions

Tailor-made, fully customisable lifts that provide affordable, attractive mobility within your home


Hospital lifts are the ideal solution to fulfil the operational requirements and vertical transportation needs of patients, visitors and staff