From major-scale public ventures with high-specification objectives and short turnarounds, to cost-effective, compact and hard-wearing business solutions or affordable private residence projects, we will work with you to develop the ideal product



Урсдаг шат

Pick from futuristic, modern, classic or panoramic lifts, and create your ideal design with doors and cabin parts including ceiling, floor, walls, handrail, mirrors and operation panels



Урсдаг зам

Versatile and suitable for use in all kinds of buildings, with tailor-made design alternatives that offer high rise, outdoor, heavy duty, high capacity and eco-friendly options for special projects



Шатны өргөх систем

From full or partial modernisation to components’ replacement and special solutions, KLEEMANN Modernisation upgrades the user’s experience affecting both the aesthetic and the mechanical part of the elevator



Машины авто зогсоол

Pre-engineered or fully-customised elevators, to perfectly fit in each and every project. From a luxurious world-class hotel to a typical family residence, from a public building to a sports venue or from a local school to a complex hospital building.